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medusa_wins_2 (2021) included in Connectivité

 medusa_wins_2 (2021) included in Connectivité  I am excited Lois Emma Harkin included me in the Huts Magazine exhibition Connectivité! I will also have a feature profile in the next edition of Huts Magazine @stayconnectedve   @thehuts.magazine .  Lois selected a work titled,  medusa_wins_2 (2021) from a commissioned series, Birth of Pegasus (2021-), which reconstructs classical aesthetics to point to the shared crisis in climate change and social equality among all people. I've included the work below. Although these images are digital, I make these works into hybrid monoprints for physical exhibitions, which combine digital and screen printing with hand-painted elements on canvas, and perspex. I'm working on a painting version for an exhibition in the coming month.  medusa_wins_2 (2021)  Check out the rest of this series and other works following the links below or order a copy of the next issue of the Huts Magazine.