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1st Year PhD Exhibition - Salon Adverts

Salon Advert (tree III) digital print on raw canvas 50 x 50 cm 2013 Salon Advert (tree IV) digital print on raw canvas 50 x 50 cm 2013 Above are two digital images that i had printed on raw canvas for a recent exhibition at Chelsea College. The exhibition was for 1st Year PhD Students who's research is practice-led.  This is a tricky area for me as i mainly work in participatory art (creativity and learning through community engagement i.e. Chelsea Salon Series) which tends not to result in material objects. However, t hese works were created as advertisements for the Chelsea Salon Series. I combined images of individual practices and documentation of salon events and the resultant images roughly take the form of a tree. The images were selected randomly with only the overall hue, colour and tone of the image as a uniting factor. The combination of individual practices can be seen to form a network - a networks that is based on intera

Bussey Building June 2012

HEAT, SMOKE,  KITCHEN UTENSILS,  SOUND, SOUND INSULATION,  DETERGENT, 3-D and 2-D work'.  Some of the works in this exhibition concentrate on the use of senses other than sight. This not only refers to works producing or dampening aural sensations (a.k.a sound-art), but to the 'clean' smell of detergents and the hotness of a heater. How much are we willing or prepared to invest in a work that is not only 'in front of our eyes'? There are other themes emerging from the clutter of this seemingly eclectic mix of art work : “experiments” that might remind one of high-school science classes, diy sound insulation that could look like an empty canvas, collapsed cardboard structures that could get more attention than the ones next to a bin, organised detergents in the style of dot painting or a religious ritual, painting and drawing a picture, buying a heater from Argos,  mimicking a guitar body or stacking clay.The ma