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Plasticity - Tropical Lab at LASALLE College of Art

The work posted below is in response to the theme of TROPICAL LAB 7 and took place between 24th July to 7th August 2013. ECHO: The Poetics of Translation Walter Benjamin once compared translation to hearing an echo in a forest. Such a  metaphor for the act of translation suggests the sonic if not oral dimension of language  and reminds us of the way in which there is a space between the original and its  repetition. Translation then is a rich terrain of exploration for the arts.  Tropical Lab 7 draws together student artists from all over the world, bringing them  together to learn about Singapore and that of its neighbors. At the same time, it  provides these artists with the opportunity to collaborate and work across the  boundaries of country, bringing together differences. While, on one hand, translation  allows for the discovery and creation of connections between two or more positions, it  also makes evident a gap. This unbreach