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Terror in Reproduction

This project focuses on the role of terror in reproduction and the phantasmic illusion of communication  and the media, citing Jean Baudrillard’s The Spirit of Terrorism in comparison to the duality of representation in Jasper John's Corpse & Mirror and the silent exasperation of restrained communication in Jim Dine’s Car Crash( 1960).             What is the commonality between the spectrum of America (which maybe by itself the epicenter but not the embodiment of globalization) and the spectrum of Islam (which is conversely not the embodiment of terrorism)? I hope to create work that attempts to help all of us to come to terms with this now-current recent history.            The realisation of this project is achieved through the use of silk screen prints and digital reproductions of John’s Corpse & Mirror in relation to video work of news footage from 911. By comparing Johns’ work to footage of the 911 attacks, I intend to draw a parallel to two seemingly ide