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Research Abstract

Abstract While no account of art’s institutions can be complete without reference to the art school, the literature of institutional critique demonstrates a tapered focus on the museum. The term ‘art school’ is an anachronism often used within the UK higher education community. When I refer to the art school, therefore, I have in mind something like a Fine Art department of a university or an Academy of the arts in Europe. I will argue that the art school has been neglected by institutional critique, but it has not been entirely ignored by it. Kaprow (1967, 1968), Haacke (1971, 1973, 1976), Ramsden (1975), Rosler (1979), Piper (1983) and Fraser (1985, 1992, 2005) all go to varying lengths to discuss academia and institutions in terms of conflicting values taught and produced for public consumption in the museum. This treatment of the art school focuses either on the critique of art pedagogy defined by and reproducing the dominant cultural value received in the museum or