"Y’Barbo works with technical, technological, evidently computer-generated imagery, speaking of the way we try to quantify and even commodify our lives. But he doesn’t argue against the computer's lack of humanity so much as he tries to humanize it, to bring it down – or up – to our scale.”

Peter Frank - Critic for the Huffington Post, Senior Curator at the Riverside Art Museum, and former Editor of THEmagazine Los Angeles.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

We Have Run Out of Moons (collaboration w/ Leo Koivistoinen)

This collaborative work between Leo Koivistoinen and JoshuaY'Barbo attempts to address the transition from childhood aspirations to more grown up concerns. The objects that once filled us with joy and wonder become nothing more than common place reminders of this transition.

The room once ignited by a child’s wonder becomes the lonely streets after a parade. The festive debris washed down the drain. The outer space we once fantasized about is replaced by the solitary awareness of inner space. We have exhausted the possibilities of fictions only to face the emptiness behind the things that once excited our imaginations.

"We have run out of moons" -Wernher von Braun (head architect of the American space program).

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Soap Oil and Water Installation

Chelsea College Summer Show: MA Final Exhibition Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK. Sept 2010

Speaker Experiment

Prophylactic Phantasmic

Fantastic Prophylactic (Fairy in a Condom), 7m56sec, Still Shot, 2010 http://vimeo.com/21256942

Fantastic Prophylactic (Fairy in a Condom), 7m56sec, Installation Shot, 2010 http://vimeo.com/21256942

Globes, Glass, Oil, Water, Polystyrene, 2010

Cleaning Oil & Water with Soap Screen Shots of Video, 2010 http://vimeo.com/21747895